Belgium earmarks 4 million Euro on Coronavirus vaccines for Developing Countries.

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By Allawi Ssemanda.

Belgium has announced four million euro (about 17,843,735,168.00 Ugx) for COVAX program. COVAX is a global initiative that brings together governments and pharmaceutical companies with aim of ensuring that Covid-19 vaccines are available and accessible to all those in need especially in developing countries.

Presently, all approved and available vaccines have been booked and purchased by richer countries for their internal needs leaving out many developing countries.

But in the meantime, everyone knows that COVID does not stop at our borders. We will only be completely safe if all the countries in the world are safe. That’s why this international solidarity is so much needed now,…Our country must continue to play a pioneering role in this endeavour,” Meryme Kitir,  the Minister of Development Cooperation told journalists today.

Under COVAX initiative, developed countries have already secured 2 billion doses which will be released in 2021 to 92 developing countries and several humanitarian organizations. Kitir added that the world can only defeat covid-19 pandemic through international cooperation. “International solidarity is the only answer to stop COVID-19. COVAX is the multilateral initiative that will also give the poorest countries access to the vaccine. Our contribution – 4 million euros in 2021 – is not only a well-considered contribution, but also a substantial one. It is a powerful signal, taking into account our carrying capacity. This is the essence of international solidaritysaid Minister Kitir.

Belgium is a member of Team Europe, a group that has supported several developing countries to counter Covid-19. In June 2020, Team Europe announced 737 billion to help Uganda in mitigating impact of Covid-19.


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